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Alberta HUB – Cenovus Energy to resume oil sands expansion, boost capital spending | Calgary Herald

A link to a glimmer of light in the Alberta Oil industry……..


  • The oil producer says it is planning to invest between $1.2 billion and $1.4 billion next year.

click on link for article: Cenovus Energy to resume oilsands expansion, boost capital spending | Calgary Herald

Alberta HUB – Western Feedlots in Alberta to close, squeezing ranchers, packers – The Western Producer

Not exactly the news we want to hear however the link below takes you to an article that speaks to the above mentioned subject.

The Agriculture industry is second to the oil/gas sector as an economic driver for the Alberta HUB region.


Canada is the world’s sixth-largest beef exporter, and Alberta raises more cattle than any other province.

It has been also stated that the Alberta HUB region (Northeast Alberta) produces close to 45% of Alberta’s beef.

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Western Feedlots in Alberta to close, squeezing ranchers, packers – The Western Producer

This goes to the importance of “diversifying” our region and the value to the Ag projects Alberta HUB is undertaking.

Provincial parks get $239 million to offset underfunding |

Below is a link to a Government of Alberta press release announcing details on the above mentioned subject.

Alberta’s provincial parks system will receive a $239-million injection of funds over the next five years.

This investment will be far-reaching and support implementation of Alberta Parks’ commitments under the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP) ($50 million) and the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan (LARP) ($25 million). It will also address facility upgrades and capital maintenance through $152 million in Capital Maintenance and Renewal (CMR) funding.

Regional projects include:

  • Lakeland Provincial Park – addition of comfort cabins
  • English Bay Provincial Recreation Area – campground redevelopment

please click this link for the complete release……    Provincial parks get $239 million to offset underfunding |

Local small breweries benefit from Alberta Jobs Plan |

Below is a link to a press release from the Government of Alberta on the above mentioned subject.


  • • Small brewers in Alberta will be able to invest and grow their business, thanks to a new grant that will support local entrepreneurship and economic diversification.
  • • Beginning August 5, Alberta-based brewers who produce and sell no more than 300,000 hectolitres in Alberta annually will be eligible to participate in the Alberta Small Brewers Development Program.

For the details please click this link………… Local small breweries benefit from Alberta Jobs Plan | to the Bio0industrial sector 

Alberta’s bio-industrial sector gets $12.7-million shot in arm

Gary Lamphier – The Edmonton Journal
Read an excellent article by Gary on th efuture of Alberta’s economy and this grant to the Bio0industrial sector

BDC and ATB announce $1 billion deal

Recognizing a need to further help Alberta-based small and mid-sized businesses gain access to capital, the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and ATB Financial (ATB) have negotiated a $1 billion agreement to support small business.

“Small businesses are truly the backbone of Alberta. This investment means more entrepreneurs and job creators will be able to access the capital they need to take their business to the next level,” said Joe Ceci, Alberta President of the Treasury Board and Minister of Finance. “Diversifying our economy continues to be a top priority for our government and this type of investment ensures Alberta will become a more resilient place to do business.”

For the complete release please click link….. BDC and ATB announce $1 billion deal |

Federal government announces $24 million in improvements to Elk Island National Park


  • “Elk Island National Park – The federal government announced $24 million in new funding Wednesday to improve Elk Island National Park for wildlife and visitors.”
  • “Stolle said the $24-million investment will largely be spent on upgrading existing infrastructure in the park, making the park more comfortable for visitors while better protecting the flora and fauna that call it home.”

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Alberta HUB Broadband Article

Below is a link to an article that gets right to the heart of why a municipality shouldn’t wait for investment from the telco sector…
especially if you are rural anywhere. ( that statement is food for thought)
The article doesn’t mention it, but it forecasts a next generation (broadband technology infrastructure) digital divide.

Bell’s defeat this week at the Federal Court of Appeal over its MobileTV service marked the second high profile regulatory loss in recent months for Canada’s largest communications company. Last month, the government rejected Bell’s cabinet appeal of a CRTC decision on broadband infrastructure. The CRTC ruling means that companies such as Bell will be required to share their fibre networks with other carriers on a wholesale basis.
This article is worth the read and goes to the importance of the Alberta HUB Broad band project.
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 Article in the Edmonton Journal:
Winding Road a dream come true for local cheese lover with new business
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