Member List

Alfredo’s Plumbing and Gas fitting, Inc.
Phone: 780-964-3079
PO Box 254 Redwater
Alberta T0A 2W0

Betsy’s Burger Shack
Phone: 780-656-4088
Smoky Lake Alberta
T0A 3C0 179 – Wheatland Ave.

Carollyne K Carden
Phone: 1-780-951-9979
Box 1133 Smoky Lake Alberta
T0A 3C0

Phone:780-656-3736 Fax: 780-656-3009
PO Box 10
Smoky Lake Alberta
T0A 3C0 49 Wheatland Avenue

Community Futures
Phone: 780-645-5782 Fax: 780.645.1811
St. Paul Smoky Lake Region
PO Box 1484 St. Paul
Alberta T0A 3A0
4802 – 50 Avenue

Delmar Holdings
Phone:780-478-1404 Fax:780-478-1624
13455 Fort Road
Edmonton Alberta T5A 1C6

Fas Gas
Phone: 780-656-4333
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0

JLG Ball Enterprises
Phone: 780-689-2395
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0

MRW Computer Systems, Inc.
Phone: 780-656-3532 Fax: 866-898-2608
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
PO Box 942
4526 52 Street

Noel’s Catering
Phone: 780-656-2535
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
145 White Earth street

Number 7 Food Mart
Phone: 780-656 3504
Box 449
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
13 Wheatland Ave.

George B. Nylan, ICIA – Accountant and Tax Specialist
Phone: 780-656-0551
PO Box, 312, Smoky Lake, AB  T0A 3C0
4322 54th Ave

Old Fashioned Bread Bakery Co. Ltd
Phone: 780-656-3780
PO Box 40
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
114 White Earth Street

Red Chimney Liquor store
Phone: 780-656-3526
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
35 White Earth Street

River’s Edge Computers Sales & Service
Phone: 780-656-2101
PO Box 968
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
55 White Earth St

ShifTT360 Health and Wellness Inc.
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
95 Wheatland Ave

Skyway family restaurant
Phone: 780-656-4224
Box 419 Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
4203-56th street

Smoky Car Wash & Laundromat
Phone: 780-656-4010
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
4923 Harvest Gold Drive

Smoky Lake Town and Country Golf club
Phone: 780-656-2121
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
17340 TWP 594

Smoky Lake AG Foods
Phone: 780-656-2189
Box 888 Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
71 Wheatland Ave.

Smoky Lake Bigway
Phone: 780-656-2599 Fax: 780-656-2577
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
4505 Harvest Gold Drive

Smoky Lake Bottle depot
Phone: 780-656-3015
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
161 White Earth street

Smoky Lake Bumper to Bumper (All Rig)
Phone: 780-656-4221 Fax: 780-656-4390
Box 808 Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
137 Wheatland Ave

Smoky Lake Collision and restoration LTD.
Phone: 780-656-3830 Fax: 780-656-3860
Box 1149
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0Smoky Lake Farmers market
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0

Smoky Lake Forest Nursery LTD.
Phone: 780-656-4130 ext. 222 Fax: 780-656-4132
Box 220 Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0

Shane’s Lake IDA Drugs
Phone: 780-656-3945 Fax: 780-656-2200
PO Box 478
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
37 – Wheatland Avenue

Smoky Lake Inn and liquor store
780-656-3615 780-656-2167
Box 732 Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0

Smoky Lake Legion
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0

Smoky Lake Lions Club
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0

Smoky Lake Mercantile
Phone: 780-656-4270
PO Box 1044
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
65 Wheatland Avenue

Grant Miller Chevrolet, Buick, GMC
Phone: 780-656-3880 Fax: 780-656-2337
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0 220
West Railway Drive

Smoky Lake Signal
Phone: 780-656-4114 Fax: 780-656-4361
PO Box 328
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0
4924 50 Street

Smoky Lake Tire & Auto Repair Inc.
Phone: 780-656-4053 Fax: 780 656 4336
PO Box 280
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0

Smoky lake Veterinary clinic
Phone: 780-656-3063 Fax: 780-656-3059
Box 645
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0

Smoky Lake Waste and recycling
Phone: 780-656-4170
Box 609
Smoky Lake Alberta T0A 3C0

T&T Iron Horse Café
Phone: 780-358-2333
Waskatenau Alberta
19330 Hwy 28

M. Watson
Phone: 780 656-2557


Board of Directors


Noel Simpson
Renee Cherniwchan
Debbie Palichuk
Val Whitelaw
Angel Thompson

George Nylan
Cathy Goulet

Carmel Farrelly

John Cherniwchan

Minutes of Last Meeting

September 18, 2018, 7pm – Noel’s Place


Debbie Palichuk – Shanes IDA Pharmacy
Renee Cherniwchan – Old Fashioned Bread Bakery
Michelle Wright – Pappys Parcel Pitstop
George Nylon – Global Office CA Accounting
Gerry Hudson – Excalibur Executive Planning
Cathy Goulet – Killick Leadership Group
Ed Boothman – Smoky Media
Val Whitelaw- MRW Computer Systems
Lorne Halisky-Smoky Lake Councillor
Karen Holowaychuk-Observer
Colin Piquette-Invited guest
Mark Watson-Smoky Lake Signal
Noel Simpson-Noels Place

Hank Holowaychuk -Mayor
Mel, Ross, Dan – Town Councillor|
They arrived about 8pm after their Town meeting.

1- Call to Order – Noel calls the meeting to order at 7pm

2 – Additions to agenda – Cathy wants to add small Business week, Todd Hirsch update, Lamont chamber invite

3 – Financial statement – George gives us a financial statement up to the end of August 2018. $5612.40 in our bank account. He wonders if we want to get a GST number to claim for our GST spent. George will look into it and see if its worth it. Noel and Ed suggest its not worth it, because we spend so little and don’t pay much GST anyhow, but George will check and let us know at the next meeting.

Noel talks about memberships. This year into next year it will be easier, because everything is now in order. The past few years no one has been on top of getting the membership fees. We have to go through the list. Gerry Hudson will go after the Businesses who haven’t paid and are on the sign. George asks about the Stampede invoice from 2017 for $300. Ed asks why we don’t pay it? Noel explains it was decided on the last meeting the Chamber would not pay for sponsorship with the Rodeo. George asks about a donation for the Cross Cancer and Noel says no. Smoky Lake fireworks also had sent a letter and Noel said no, because we are all Town businesses, the Town advised not to pay. Ag Foods bill for juice, George will pay.

4 – Previous minutes were passed as written.

5 – Parade what worked and what didn’t – Parade went over very well. They did the Awards before the beginning of the Parade. Renee heard great feedback. The only complaint Lorne heard was that the judging took to long and the parade start time was 20 minutes late. Next year, the judges wont wait for all the Parade attendees to show up, they will judge who is there at 10am. The people who took part in the Parade with a float loved they were able to show off their winning ribbons as the parade went through Town. Overall the new format was well received!!

6 – Ribbons and prizes – Noel talks about using the Smoky Lake coins again next year. We will check with the Town to see how many vouchers were brought back. $2.00 Coin – 1000 printed. $250 set up fee

7 – Gerry Hudson – Chamber Health Benefits, our representative – Gerry talks about the what the Chamber benefits have to offer all of the small Businesses. They can insure from 1 employee to 50 employees. Alll of the information can be found at

Chambers Group Insurance

Chambers Plan is Canada’s #1 employee benefits plan for small businesses. Find out why more than 30,000 small to mid-sized businesses chose Chambers of Commerce insurance for employees.

8 – Pappys is now set up to open – Congratulations!! Michelle advised that the lockers are here. Furniture refinishing side is open now. We will go on a tour at the next Chamber meeting. Pumpkin Fair weekend will be their Grand Opening!!

9 – Christmas Light Up – Lions will pay for the hot dogs and hot chocolate. Noel needs help with the Silent Auction. Michelle says the Kinettes will do it, they just need guidance how to do it. Debbie will help Michelle with what happened last year. The Kinettes want to do a movie before or after everything starts or finishes, maybe even after school. Michelle will let us know at the next meeting what the Kinettes decide.  Noel will get the kids from HAK to help out, he will contact Hal Ziprick. Renee will ask Jaime about running his tractor for hay rides. Noel will ask Doug Shapka about their team of horses. Date – November 30th – Smoky Lake Seniors Drop Inn – Debbie called Kathy Loffelbein and booked the hall. Renee will make the cookies and icing. Kinettes will prepare the grab bags, but the Chamber will buy the candy. Noel will buy tattoos and face paint kits from Edmonton. He will buy the candy and fireworks from Greg at Bigway. Noel will ask the Fire Department to do the fireworks again. We need to do an Ad in the Signal and the Review. Lorne asks why all the Businesses don’t stay open like Waskatenau? Noel explains we tried that a few years ago, but only a few businesses participated which is too bad, so everyone closes now on their scheduled time.

10 – Colin Piquette our MLA – He talks about infrastructure projects, economic development, making life better, HAK school, round about in Waskatenau, improvements for highway 855 and 28. Ed asks about where to get grand money for the Town. Colin says to come to his office or call him. Ed wants to help promote the Town. Pembina, NW phase 2 is unclear at this point. Highly motivated to get the pipeline through.  We are leading the country in growth and investments. A billion dollars in deficit. We are borrowing money to build more infrastructure. Minimum wage increase predicted over 50 to 60 job losses, but 70000 dollar gain. Noel, Val and Ross talk about the negative impact the new minimum wage will have on kids jobs, staffing issues and money loss for the business. Val comments on the impact of prices in stores and food service. Its going to hurt the kids wanting part time jobs. Noels hiring practices have changed. Colin also comments on Rural Crime problems due to the economy and drug issues. St Paul crime watch, civilian support and crime mapping available. Mel, Val and Karen ask Colin about getting grant money for anything, but mainly the daycare at the School. Colin explains how the system works and who to contact to help fill out the complicated forms. Hank thanks Colin for everything the Government has done for our community. Noel thanks Colin for taking time to come and talk to us.

Hank lets us know that October 12th is the official opening of Bar V Nook.

11 – Noel sets a motion to appoint George as our treasurer. Ed seconds it.

12 – October 16th to 18th – Small Business week – Minitrade show at the Drop in Centre. Noel will talk to Cathy to set everything up. Todd Hirsch, Alberta Treasury Branch, Chief Economist will be the speaker.

13 – Invitation from the Lamont Chamber on Sept 24th in Bruderheim to learn how to reduce identify theft.

14 – October 23rd will be our next Chamber meeting. Noel thanks the councilors for coming to our meeting after their meeting.

15 – Michelle motions to adjourn the meeting at 915pm and Ed seconds.

Minutes of Previous Meetings

Minutes stored as pdf documents
March 20, 2018
September 19, 2017
July 12, 2017
June 20, 2017
February 7, 2017